This Week Room 6 and our buddy class, Room 14, have been making movies. We made both stop frame animation and live action movies. Stop frame animation is when we take lots of photos of something which moves a tiny bit each time. We then play them together to make a movie. It takes heaps of photos to make each scene.

Plasticine models were used to make our stop frame animations.

We started our movies by making a storyboard. This was to plan our story and the different shots we would use.
Some groups used a green screen to give interesting backgrounds to their movies. Here is an example of greenscreening in action...

Editing was hard but we all finished. We used imovie on the macs. For stop frame animation we used voiceovers for speaking.
Here is a stop frame animation example...

We learnt all sorts of things about how stories are made into movies. Some challenges were sound, we had to make sure it wasn't too loud or too quiet, and also we had to get the timing right when we were editing.
What is important when making a movie is taking the time, not rushing, and working together as a team. As we were working with younger children we had to be leaders to keep our groups focussed.