Supermarket and founders park visit

Liz, a nutritionist came to Room 6 to show us what foods to eat most,eat sometimes and eat least.So we took a trip to New World.Liz gave us a test about the fat and sugars etc about the healthy and non-healthy.


After the supermarket visit we thanked Liz and countinued our journey,
We walked some more until we reached Founders park DSC03504.JPG

We reached founders park and saw two nurses and Captain Mannering.They introduced them selves then Captain Mannering said 'Hello young people,whats your name'. We introduced our selves'We're room 6'we announced.'Well we're here to teach you, how it was in the wartimes'the Captain said.


And so the learning began! First,he told us about the bombs and stuff,then showed us a real gas mask. We vouluntered to try it on.Then he gave us gas masks (not real gas masks ones that were made of cardboard).


Then Captain Mannering showed us around,but before he could show us something he said'if you see any men around all the time their spys'.He took us to an area and showed us news, that was on the wall of a building with heaps of phones. Next we went to another place at Founders park in a hall.There were tables and chairs, we sat down and they showed us what they ate in the wartimes.


There was carrot fudge,tomato jam,marrow marmalade,victory cake and juice. After our meal,the air raid gas alarm went on and we put our gas mask on and ran out.After all that went to an entrance that lead us underground.

We finally meet that spy,he was a french spy and he didn't announce his name. He told us about the radio thing.Then he told us about a speical spy called the Whitemouse,the police put-up posters saying "REWARD
1,000,000 if whitemouse found.Suddenly an alert came,the spy said "Oh no,get the children out of here" we used the escappod and got out of there.We met Captain Mannering outside and marched back to the exit.Then we thanked everbody and went back to school we learned a lot and this was a day we'll never forget.Thats all, visit us more on our wiki. Alright!.....LATER!!!

BY AKASH AND LIAM The greatest writers ever!!!